Monday, March 15, 2010

Prequel to Arizona

you know when you get your hair done and the next time you wash it, you try to recreate what the genius salon woman did, but you just can't? THAT MAKES ME SO MAD. so i make a point of not washing my hair for DAYS after i get my hair done because it looks so great. i'm on day 3 case you were wondering.

i packed for Arizona this weekend! yay! and i proudly fit everything into my teeny tiny adorable black quilted hearts carry-on-sized Betsey Johnson suitcase. and i packed The Vans. ha ha ha friends, you have to deal with The Vans. for those of you who don't know, The Vans housed my feet throughout Europe in the summer of 2008, sans socks. you can imagine for yourselves how they smell. i brought them when we all went to Vegas and everyone made fun of me/hated me because of The Vans. so now it's NECESSARY for me to pack The Vans whenever possible. i put baby powder in them though, so they should be OK.

it is also tradition for us (me, LJ, KKiss, KitKat & Sam) to wear all black whilst the Bride or Birthday Girl or Person of Celebratory Occasion wears something colorful or outrageous (i.e. black tutu that i wore on my 21st birhday, which prompted my dad to ask "L, where are your pants?") anyway, we are going to Arizona for LJ's bachelorette party! woohoo! Last Fling Before The Ring (so cheesey). she will be wearing a fluffy white bridey dress and we got her lots of penile paraphernalia to embarrass the shit out of her, and we have been crafting our asses off to create wonderful fun things for the week/weekend.

i leave tomorrow directly after work, and i couldn't be more thrilled! JJ is picking me up and taking me to the airport tra la la! and i'm going to spend a night with his sister E and her family and we're getting our nails done! then it's off to Sam's with the girls on St. Patrick's Day! it's supposed to be 80 degree weather while we're there! Sam doesn't have a car, but we SERIOUSLY DO NOT MIND BEING STRANDED AT THE POOL! except we might take the bus to in n out. obvs. helllz yeah! i'm so ready to rock n roll. woohoo!!!


  1. AYAYAYAYYAAYAY!!! I could not be more excited for the bach maddness! p.s. i totally know chris was answering his "questions" last night. being all secretive in the corner. hahahahaha. It took him forever! They must be pretty tough.

  2. PENIS explosion in mi casa right now!!!! OMG!

    And LJ what "questions" would these be???? muahahahahahahaha!

  3. I can't wait to hear how folks fair with the federalales [aka TSA] at the airport checks. I'm wondering if you've thought through the personal embarrassment you may be faced with because of the weapons you'll be carrying. Hopefully everyone around you will be strangers.

  4. I hope you still have that rash biotch :)


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