Saturday, March 27, 2010

Puppy Class Round 2

basically it's an excuse to hang out with Rah for 2 hours every Tuesday. BUT, we pack Benjamin Pierre and Cleopatra into the car and take them to The Lilac City Dog Training Center which is essentially a giant warehouse painted purple with framed pictures of showdogs from floor to ceiling.

we sit down with our dogs. Benny sits quietly next to Rah's legs. Cleo wiggles around and chokes herself and whines at me to play with the ugly mutt to our right. so i have to put her in my lap. the instructor instroduces herself and her dog "Cozy." Rah looks to her right and sees 5 framed show dog pictures of Cozy herself. we giggle silently. instructor announces she has had a hysterectomy, and gestures to her swollen middle. awkward.

we practice "sit." which Cleo and Benny have both mastered. hoorah! we practice "down." Cleo struggles. Benny performs beatifully. we practice "stay." Cleo struggles. Benny performs beautifully. we practice walking on a leash. Cleo struggles. Benny performs beautifully. so you see a pattern here? my dog is the only one who sucks in the class. my fault or her fault? i walk over to Rah for a chat (i.e. I ASK HER WHY DOES MY DOG SERIOUSLY SUCK?!) and Benny and Cleo start making out. the instructor comes over and says "i would like to see Cleo do this one." and she fails perfectly for her. so she takes the leash off Cleo and gives me "the trainer stick for dogs who have trouble walking on a leash." Cleo is the only one who had to use the trainer stick. it is quite embarrassing and i can't even explain the daunting pressure that comes with a dog who is the dumbest in class. i can only hope my children are smarter.

on the drive home, we stopped at d'lish for dinner and i said, "Rah, you are so lucky. Benny was so perfect during class, doing all the commands right." and she said, "yes, except Benny sucks at life. he is a terrorist who knows how to open door handles with his paws. at least Cleo only sucks in class. she is great at life."

and i looked at my happy little dog with her tounge hanging out in the back seat and i gave her a french fry. dumb little darling. but Rah is right, she is a sweet dog and i do love her.

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  1. Dexter was the class star. This is only because he is a fat ass and will do ANYTHING you tell him if you have a treat in your hand.
    However he was the dog who pooped in the training area... EVERYDAY!!


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