Monday, March 8, 2010


first off. we had 12 proudly guilty pool pee-ers and 3 liars.

nothing that stupid or funny has happened to me lately. isn't that weird? i mean, something stupid or funny ALWAYS happens to me. well, that's why i didn't blog this weekend.

but yesterday a plethora of things happened. so i will begin.

i have a weird rash on my stomach/chest/back. and if not for the fact that my mother was in town this last weekend, i would have already been to the doctor. the last time i had a rash was when i found out i was allergic to penicillin. and we all know how that ended: ugly: grey sweats and shania twain concert tee sans bra. so i have this rash and i'm like FUDGE! RASH! GET OFF ME! I'M GOING TO ARIZONA IN 12 DAYS I WANT TO LOOK GOOD IN A BIKINI. and i whined at first. and JJ made me lift up my shirt so he could inspect it (you know, since he's a doctor) and then he unnecessarily freaked out. he was like OMG YOU GOTTA GO TO THE DOCTOR, L!!! and my mom was like "CALM DOWN YOU GUYS IT'S FINE." she thought we were being irrationally rash about the rash. (!!!!!)

yesterday we went to my sister's volleyball game and during, JJ said I'M THIRSTY. when i offered him the half-full target water bottle from my purse, he gave me a disgusted look and said "HELL NO." i was like "WHY THE FUDGE NOT?!?!?" ..........."because i don't want your rash."

i mean, the idiocracy i have to endure for the rest of my life.

and NO, i'm not posting a picture of the rash.


  1. new toiletries? shirt you wore that wasn't laundered after JJ used it on his truck? or God's wrath for breaking lent? i vote "c". i did not lie regarding pool urinating!

  2. I want to see a pic of the rash. Like so bad im almost rooting for a 3 week rash so I can make you lift up your shirt when you are here.... just saying.

    Ps. Im allergic to some laundry detergents. you should look into that.


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