Tuesday, March 2, 2010

rushing into chickadees

i stopped eating goldfish crackers. because there is a way better alternative: chickadees.

and of course they are Target's market pantry brand. and they come in a little carton. and they're so cute! and they are whole wheat and have a sharper cheddar taste than goldfish. lately i have just been keeping a carton in my bag for when i need a nibble of something.

but yesterday i apparently made a mistake when i left my carton of chickadees on my desk. because my boss came to relieve me for my coffe break and she just grabbed the carton and poured some of my delicious cheddar chickadees into her hand like we were old friends or something. then she popped them in her mouth and was like "OH THESE ARE SO GOOD" and grabbed the carton and repeated. like, WTF? seriously? then she did it again. and AGAIN. FOUR TIMES IN TOTAL. and like, i don't mind sharing my chickadees, in fact i would like to be old friends with my boss and maybe go to TJ Maxx then pop on over to Chilis for a shitty margarita and a few laughs. i would love that. but we aren't there in our relationship. and we most certainly aren't to the point where we are just grabbing and helping ourselves to each other's chickadees!! like whoa, slow down, you're rushing to second base, shouldn't we at least start texting first?!?!!

1 comment:

  1. have you been practicing your W.C. Fields voice?


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