Monday, March 15, 2010

Sea World Sick

last night my friend Sabby and i went to the Chiefs last league game. so we are almost done with him being gone all weekend every weekend! and we are almost done with me being gone all weekend every weekend! hoorah! this summer JJ and i are seriously going to get sick of each other because we will actually get to spend our weekends together. weird! we are so used to seeing each other only in the afternoons/evenings. the only time we ever eat breakfast together is when we're on vacation.

anyway, Sabby and i went to Clinks happy hour before the game. and. let. me. tell. you. i am NEVER going to Clinks ever again. we got crab cakes and scallops and pomegranate margaritas. it was really good, and we had a lot of fun! then we went to the game for like an hour and a half and left early because we were bored. then we went to her boyfriend's house (these are the two that fell in love at our wedding awwww) and we drank some wine and i found dog toenail cutters and i tried to cut my thumb nail with them and now my thumbnail is all jaggedy. anyway, when JJ picked me up from Sabby's bf's house, he pulled out into the road and OMG A HORN HONKED AND HE REALIZED THAT WHAT HE THOUGHT WAS A 2-LANE ONE-WAY ROAD WAS ACTUALLY A REGULAR ROAD! AND HE WAS ON THE WRONG SIDE! we almost died. but not really.

then i called Moon. and then we went home. and went to bed. then in the middle of the night i had to run to the bathroom because i felt SO SICK. and i kept burping crab cakes and scallops and pomegranate margaritas. i was all sweaty and hunched over laying on the ground by the toilet. i literally had no idea which end was going to blow. and JJ brought me a pillow, how nice. the only time i ever remember feeling that sick was when my family was on vacation in San Diego when i was like 14 and this happened to me one night in the hotel room. the next day i couldn't even walk because i was so weak. so i had to sit in a wheelchair while we were at Sea World. then i thought i was feeling better, so my mom let me have a churro, and i threw up the churro during the seal show. i haven't eaten a churro since. there is a picture of me sitting all gaunt and sickly in the wheelchair at Sea World, and it is a very embarrassing picture.

(that's me. get it? it's a sick fish. Sea World Sick. ha ha i'm funny)

ANYWAY, i was feeling Sea World Sick last night in the bathroom. finally i fell asleep on the floor and when i woke up i felt totally fine and went back to bed. didn't even need to use the toilet. i think i was poisoned by the crab cakes and scallops. and Sabby too because she said she woke up in the night hunched over and sick as well.

and my stomach is making awful churning noises that are very threatening, but i still have not had to visit the toilet. i'll let ya know when the explosion happens, k?

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