Saturday, March 13, 2010

things in L's life

rash update: i pretended i was my sister and used her insurance ID number and called this nurse hotline thing that comes with my parents' insurance plan. the nurse asked me a hundred questions and told me that if it's still there in 2 weeks, to make an appointment. otherwise, it's fine. but JJ still won't share anything with me. fact: i will be laying like a reclused lepor at the pool in Arizona.

to my readers who aren't turning in their census papers: FOR SHAME.

how do we like the LOLcat installation?? i'm personally obsessed. LOLcats make my day.

giving up shopping for Lent was a mistake. as Moon said it best, lets leave Lent to the Saints.

speaking of Easter, one of the residents brought a god damn dancing bunny to the desk and it sings "at the hop" when you press its foot and you know EVERYBODY WANTS TO PRESS ITS FOOT and say "oh, now isn't that just the cutest thing?" and i fake smile and say YES. but really i want to throw it out of the god forsaken window. i'm about to lose my mind.

we took Cleo for a morning walk yesterday and she decided to poop in the neighbor's driveway. while the neighbor was taking her garbage out. we made very poignant eye contact and i ran like a coward back to the house to grab a doggie poo bag. Cleo is such an idiot.

JJ and i passed a taxidermy place on the way to my sister's volleyball game last week. JJ asked what "taxidermy" meant. OMFG DID I MARRY A CITY BOY.

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  1. Seriously... I told someone I drove a grader the other day and they were like what?! dude... just made me realize I need to classify all tractors into one group.


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