Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tuesday PN

Tuesday 3/23: PN stuggles to breathe as she walks to my desk with a 3 lb. box, wearing a turquise scarf tied too tightly around her bulging neck.

PN: "would you like a RW lanyard, L?"
L: (FUDGE NO!) "of course, thank you!"
PN: "it's for your nametag........where is your nametag?"
L: "oh, i,'s at home. i already have a name plate here at my desk."
PN: "but you're not always at your desk, are you?" *
L: "yeah, actually i mostly am."
PN: "well no you're not. you need to wear your nametag."
L: "OK"

*can we all recall the story of how PN got her name? i went to the bathroom and SHE YELLED AT ME FOR LEAVING MY DESK. now she is telling me that i am not always at my desk. &*#%@##$@%^

exactly one month from today i shall be free. ONE MONTH. hopefully i can last that long without crawling under PN's desk and tying her shoelaces together.

1 comment:

  1. you should still tie them together... it will give you an enjoyable memory of RW


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