Thursday, March 25, 2010


which "sitting on the ground" pic is better? the original? or this one?


  1. the orig w/ kiki's tan running legs and aqua pedicure and the manequins legs. i barely notice u b/c of the cammo. the new one has a defrockedballerinaesqueness about it that would be great if you were going for a david lynch melancholy

  2. i also do enjoy the original. although, i have to tell you, i was reading your blog the other day and ryan's mom came over, she asked me if i had porn on the computer! i said, "no,it's my friend lacie's blog." and she said, "oh it looks like she isn't wearing much clothing." hahadkfakd.

  3. so basically you're telling me ryan's mom thinks i'm a whore. thanks kari.

    haaaaaa jk thats SO HILAR.


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