Monday, April 5, 2010

bev the lobby lady

Bev in apt. 205 sits in the lobby. every single damn day she sits in the lobby. all day. she comes down at 7:45 and is still there even when i leave. and she sits close enough to my desk that i can hear everything she mutters under her breath. and they are not nice things. she says something every time someone passes by her.

here are a few of the things i've heard recently:

"God, shes fat."
"It's way too cold, what is she thinking wearing shorts?"
"She's got a screw loose."
"God, i'm tired."
"Answer the phone, what are you doing?" (this is towards me whenever i let the phone ring more than 3 times)
"God, that painting is hideous."
"Why in the world does he walk on his tiptoes like an idiot?"

i just usually shake off the mean comments because i feel bad for her. because she's old. and doesn't have a clue. but NOT TODAY. today i was not in the mood for the rude comment that came out of her mouth towards me as i exited the library.

"God, she's way too skinny. eat something, will ya?"

i mean, i don't mind being called thin. not at all. who would mind that?? but to insinuate that i need to eat, now that's just rude. i turned to her and opened my eyes wide and said in a very loud voice, "HELLO BEV AND GOOD MORNING TO YOU." i startled her and she jumped in a little in her chair.

serves her right.

1 comment:

  1. thank god for the bevs of the world. btw - the painting is hidgeous! what's bev's background?


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