Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bob's Gift

on my second to last day at RW, my friend Bob in 718 (the one who is running Bloomsday and will probably beat me), asked me to come up to his apartment. so i did. and he showed me all of the paintings in his place! he is quite the artist! he spends his winters with his wife Jean in Hawaii (just like Mimi & Papa!) and he paints wonderful pictures of the scenery.


he said, "i have a present for ya Blondie!" (that's what he calls me) and he pulls out this beautiful painting:

it's me! in the ocean! and i'm wearing a hula skirt and i'm dancing in the water! he said "now you can have Hawaii and me in your home!" and he signed it "el goldo" which was his nickname in prison camp in the war. and since we are technically not allowed to accept gifts from residents, he charged me a nickel for it. he was so thrilled to have sold his first painting.

Mimi tried to get me to give it to her for her condo in Hawaii, but i said NO WAY JOSE, i'm keeping this as a symbol of the great friends i made at RW.

it's people like Bob who i'm going to miss seeing every weekend..........

but, i'm seriously so happy that i am free. because on Friday Rah and i are going to BROOKS AND DUNN THE LAST RODEO concert at the arena!!!! and i will not even worry about the hangover i will have the next day. and GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! on Saturday morning, i'm not going to get out of my pajamas until 9 a.m.! how CRAZY is that!??!!?


  1. and you're happy because your lovely friends are comning to visit this weekend and you will be able to hang out!! LOVED hanging out with jeremy last time, but this time i am excited to see your face too:)

    and the painting is precious!

  2. Liar Liar Pants on Fire! I did not ask you for the painting. Is it on velvet?

  3. yes you did mimi! when i was on the phone with you the other night. and no its not on velvet shut upppp


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