Tuesday, April 6, 2010

everyone just loves me i guess

you guys. it's official. listen to this. my release from the prsion walls of RW were announced this morning in the managers' meeting. they all came out of there rushing to my desk and saying "OH MY GOD L, you will be so missed!" and "you are such a little ray of sunshine around this place, we'll miss you" and "how could you leave us?!?!?!" and i guess everyone said "NOOOOO" in the meeting when it was announced. i was like WTF YOU GUYS LIKE ME!?!?!?!?! I NEVER KNEW!!!!!

and the RW Foundation Director came to my desk and was like "you have been such a breath of fresh air for these residents, you are just what they need. we are really going to miss you." it was so touching. i always knew i was special but MAN! AM I GETTING AN EGO BOOST TODAY! HURRAH! think i will treat myself to SF sourdough after work. DUH.

so i just couldn't believe everyone is actually totally obsessed with me at RW. but here's the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae that would give me diarrhea:

PN waddled out of that meeting with a fat lower lip....and TEARS YES TEARS IN HER EYES. YOU GUYS SHE WAS CRYING. she was all "we are going to miss you SO MUCH, L. you have no idea." i was like OMFG ARE YOU SERIOUS?! FAKE TEARS PN?! COME ON. I KNOW JUST AS WELL AS YOU DO THAT YOU WILL ONLY MISS BOSSING ME AROUND, YOU WILL NOT MISS MY FACE.

and since then she keeps walking by my desk all slowly and sadly and winking at me. like, what?

anyway, it's official and i can now yell it off the rooftops that I AM QUITTING RW ON APRIL 27TH. APRIL 27TH IS MY LAST DAY AT RW! HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH FOR ME

but srsly. what the hell am i going to write about on this blog if i don't have PN or funny old person stories?

dare i say it?? i might miss this place. just a little.

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  1. I literally just choked on my sandwich reading this!!! Hhaahahaha. Deep down the PN Loves you!


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