Monday, April 5, 2010

JJ and the Sultan

usually when Cleo coughs and shivers and acts sick, it lasts approximately 24 hours until she poops the perpetrator out (i.e. rubberbands. always rubberbands). well this morning it had been 48 hours of no eating or drinking and one sick dog. SIGH. so i called the Sultan. and was told to bring her in at 9:30. JJ has the day off so he took her. i told JJ under no cirumstances was he to allow the Sultan to take x-rays. because x-rays=credit card exhaustion.

well JJ called me at 9:30 and said, "OK, i left Cleo with the vet, they insisted onx-rays will be calling you to update you on how she's doing. so i yelled, "NOOOOO. NOT THE X-RAYSSS," which caused Paul in apt. 217 to look up from the newspaper he was reading and glare at me. then i whispered, "okay. tell me. what's the damage?"

JJ said, "well, it was going to be $150, but i talked them down to $68." i said, "WHAT THE HELL? THIS ISN'T MEXICO, YOU CAN'T JUST BARTER FOR VETERINARY X-RAYS!!!!" and he said, "well, i did. i am the man." and i was like "OH MY GOD JJ YOU ARE THE MAN!!! HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO THAT?!?!! THE SULTAN IS AN EVIL MAN WHO LITERALLY STEALS MONEY FROM OUR BANK ACCOUNT ON A MONTHLY BASIS!!!" JJ said, "well, not today, L. not today."

OK either JJ really is the man, or the Sultan is gay and has a crush on my husband.


  1. Hahahaha Jer is seriously having a love affair with the sultan!!!! Maybe next time he can take Pierre & Francois on my behalf??? :)

  2. pretty sure you can barter anywhere. give it a shot. you might be pleasantly surprised.


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