Wednesday, April 28, 2010

last days at RW

as my time at RW was dwindling down, the visible carelessness on my behalf was quite apparent.

for instance, on Sunday i decided to wear jeans. not even slack jeans! and i wore a low cut tank top. and i had bed head hair. and i slunk down in my chair and texted openly. and i read InStyle and Vogue and Allure and Lucky and Guideposts (don't judge).

on my very last day i decided to wear my newest pirate skull tshirt. i thought it symbolized my departure and feelings just right: a little dark (the skull, the black and gray stripes) with a little joy (the pink sparkle ink used to print the skull)

and when i woke up i decided that i wanted a doughnut for breakfast. so i lazily shuffled over to JJ's side of the bed and morning-breathily said, "good morning, darling, may you please go and get me a doughnut for breakfast?" and he did! since it was my last day of work, he got me a doughnut for breakfast.

and, yesterday guess what i decided to do? leave 1/2 and hour early! it was wonderfully liberating. i just stood up and said "i'm going to leave, au revoir!"


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