Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Girl

the girl who is my replacement is a nightmare. an absolute nightmare. and i had to spend my last 2 weeks at RW staring at her horrible outfits and awful slicked back french braid. and she was a mean and impossible know-it-all because her grandma lived there 15 years ago. and all she would talk about was her husband and her daughter, which was totally fine, except that she would throw in side notes like "well, i don't know if i'll get the dog or the barbecue in the divorce." and i'd be like WHAT?! ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?! there were just instances when she just didn't need to be such a biotch. such as:

Dorothy in 410 came down and had her arm full of blankets. so i said, "DOROTHY! oh my gosh! did you knit all of those yourself?" New Girl interrupted Dorothy and said, "it's CROCHET."

later, New Girl was talking about her parents... "Mother doesn't like gardening, so i do it." and "Mother never let us mow the lawn until we were 15."

when i would try to explain things to New Girl, she would ignore me. like literally. i would say, "you need to get the newspaper to the CEO's desk by 8 a.m. and don't forget to send out the daily status report right after!" and she would just stare straight ahead, purposefully avoiding eye contact.

and every time i would explain to a resident why i was leaving, i would say "yes! JJ got a job promotion so we are moving to southern California." and New Girl would say "yeah...she can have fun with all those earthquakes and traffic"

and just yesterday, on my very last day, someone asked New Girl if she was excited to start officially working and she said, "yeah, i'm pretty sick of being micromanaged all week."

now, i don't know about you........



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