Friday, April 16, 2010

party in Denver

JJ and i went to Denver for a family wedding. JJ's cousin was a beautiful bride and MY GOD was it the best party ever.

here is my favorite picture from the night. tres chic.

the first night i slept in JJ's sister C's room and i got up to pee and stubbed my right pinkie toe on the coffee table, thus disabling me for the remainder of the trip. (still hurts to the touch). JJ forgot: his black belt and his brown shoes. and he absolutely blew his gasket when he tried on the dress shirt i packed him. it was a very nice Perry Ellis number with this wonderful pleat detailing down the front. he refused to wear it to the wedding and instead wore one of his dad's shirts that was too big. GHOD. such a baby.

after the wedding reception which classically ended with beer bottles serving as microphones, the party continued in the bar of the hotel. when we got there, JJ's mom promptly said, "OK L and Ron are cut off." Ron is JJ's dad. oops. Ron and i looked at each other and did the ol' "pshhhhh...she's crazy!" hand gesture, and then i ordered my favorite last drink of the night: an amaretto sour. JJ was OF COURSE hungry so we went to a tavern to order food. i ordered a grilled cheese and before it even came i fell asleep in the booth.

the next morning JJ told me i said this to him before i went to sleep: "JJ, i am your husband."

indeed, i am a GREAT husband.

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  1. yaaaaay i'm so glad you guys had fun. best part of the reception was the beer bottle mics and claire grinding on me. yikes. maybe we will actually get to chat sometime when neither of us is the bride!


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