Friday, April 16, 2010


ohmygosh you guyssss!!! i have been seriously GONE for like 10 days. my apologies. i was busy worrying about important things like finances and THE TEXAS-SIZED ZIT ON MY CHIN.

last tuesday: i popped home to Selah for a quit visit. OH AND I RAN 1.5 MILES. i wrote "1.5 miles" instead of "a mile and a half" because i want it to be plural. anyway, here's the problem.

Hitler--i mean my sister M took me for a run. we ran the loop around the high school. and i started out just chattin away, and every like 3 seconds, M would be like "keep up with me. and relax your arms. stop running on your toes. point your feet forward, you're running like a duck." and i'm all OK SORRY THIS IS MY FIRST TIME RUNNING EVER SHUT UP.

about halfway i needed a walking break. but it wasn't really walking because M made me speed walk. then we started to run again when i really wasn't ready. when we were running around the corner of ampm and the old veterinary office, i cut said corner and she was like YOU CAN'T CHEAT. and i was like WATCH ME. then we started up the hill. and i slowed down a bit, because i felt like my lungs were made of sandpaper and knives, and M said, "COME ON DON'T STOP YOU NEED TO MAKE IT UP THIS HILL." and i got annoyed but finished. then i literally couldn't breathe. and my ears started hurting. and all i wanted in life was to take a 3-day nap. i ripped off my shirt then she made me stretch. and then i thought i was going to pass out.

then i made her drive me to King's Row (burger joint for those of you who don't know)


probs run 1 mile, walk 1, run 1, walk 2, run 1 ,walk 1. then i will jog during the last 20 feet to make it look like i ran the whole thing. and i'm definitely going with the cheeseburger-filled0fanny-pack plan.

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  1. well luckily bloomsday finish line is all down hill. so that should be easy!


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