Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i like our planet

today i was driving home from work with my new pirated Glee soundtrack (well my mom got it for Mother's Day from MM so she burned it for me) blasting in my car...and can i just say that it is the best ever soundtrack i have ever ever owned. especially Quinn's rendition of "You Keep Me Hangin' On" because i have a weird obsession with her character. i embarrassingly put that song on repeat and try to mimic her voice and demeanor. except for the part where she's a pregnant teen. phew, glad i missed the boat on that one. but the bottom line is that this is the best soundtrack ever. EVER. oh and i saw on Ellen yesterday that Finn might be dating Taylor Swift in real life. all the more reason to be even more obsessed.

anyway, i was driving home and singing Quinn's song and i was taking the right turn onto our street when i saw a teenager throw a plastic water bottle out of his window. I MEAN COME ON. DOESN'T HE KNOW THAT LITTERING IS TERRIBLE?? DOESN'T HE EVEN WATCH THE NEWS?!?! ok probably not the news. but seriously...HE MUST WATCH MTV---because he's a teenager. and every other commercial on TV is someone yelling at us to switch our lightbulbs to the energy-saving ones that are swirly shaped (side note: last spring our landlord informed us that someone was going to let themselves into our houses and change our lightbulbs to the energy-saving swirly shaped ones...we left one morning with regular ol lightbulbs and returned to the swirly ones in every room. isn't that creepy? and i know whoever it was had to stand on our bed because the light fixture is right above it. the thought of some guy's dirty work boots on my crisp white duvet makes me shudder. so obvs i washed the sheets. but seriously HOW CREEPY) anyway, the commercials...the Green Commercials. you know the ones. they are all over the place now. because we are gross fat lazy humans WHO THROW OUR PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES OUT THE CAR WINDOW. and the other morning when i was in the car taking a break from listening to Quinn, i heard on the radio that in many places in California it is considered "unethical" for prisoners to pick up highway trash. they get to eat lobster tail and watch The Hills on their flat screen TVs instead. it's like OHMYGOD you chopped off someone's head on the bus, wear this hideous orange suit and go make the earth a better place!! at least that's how it would be if i were in charge. also i would make outhouses illegal.

but anyway i got so mad at the teen. like raging mad. i wanted to pull over and make him pick up his garbage. and the worst part was that his DAD was in the driver's seat and he didn't even say anything. i could have beat the shit out of two men this afternoon, but instead i practiced real restraint and chose to drive really slowly and intimidatingly gangster-like past the teen and his father and shake my head threateningly and let it go.

and then i got home and started a load of laundry using my earth-friendly method laundry soap and i skipped my shower. i smiled to myself, happy to have given the good green earth a break.


  1. Im proud of you Lacie. For not showering AND for not going incredible hulk on the disgusting litterers.

  2. Confession: Quinns song is my fav too! I told my sister and she was like "ugh of course" all disgusted like. Not sure what that means but she has at least two fans :)


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