Sunday, May 2, 2010

i'm a bloomie finisher!

JJ and i are laying in bed. "running" bloomsday was the worst idea i ever had. Rah and i obviously came in last place in the group by 30 minutes. and now i literally cannot move from my bed. it took a lot of effort to even reach and lift my computer onto my lap. i sighed and moaned until JJ finally helped me. it's all for you, readers.

i just hated the physical activity for 2 hours. and i loved the lulu lemon running skirt my mom got me, but i felt like such a poser. so so SO out of my element. and i hate nothing more than wearing my hair in a ponytail. nothing. i feel like a boy when my hair is pulled back. so the whole experience was just weird. halfway through we saw a great dane standing on the side of the road and i almost jumped on its back and rode him to the finish line. i just wished i had a hovercraft or something. my legs just felt numb. and my hips hurt. i feel like i need to put WD-40 on my joints. i am the tin man. and JJ's nipples are chafed.

we all went out for lunch after the race. and then everyone went home. and now our house is empty and sad and quiet. we had such a good time! the actual race was the worst part. i will never ever again ever in life sign up for anything more than a 30 feet piggyback ride.

oh and guess what color the finisher tee is? HUH? LIME GREEN. c'mon. that's like, the worst color ever. EVER.


  1. haha. i agree with the shirts. ryan loves his though. he said, "this is a pretty cool shirt, i'm gonna wear it." and he did. he would like some hideous like that!

  2. literally everyone in spokane wears it to work on monday. twas a nasty sea of lime green.


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