Tuesday, May 25, 2010

JJ's pancreas

JJ and i went to LA for his pancreas doctor appointment. and i wore jazzercise/yoga pants on the plane and i realized AFTER we landed that there was a giant hole in the crotch of the pants and i wasn't wearing any underwear. you'd THINK i would feel the breeze...??

everyone, all is well! the doctor said his panc was AOK because he has the best wife ever in life who takes care of him. ha!

JJ, me and his mom went out to lunch in Westwood with JJ's sister C for her birthday and i felt quite cool. i was 99.9% sure Beyonce pulled up next to us at a stoplight in a completely blacked out Escalade so i smiled cooly and then i remembered we were riding in JJ's mom's very UNcool minivan. dammit.

we had the best lunch ever at this Italian place and they had an entire page of just gnocchi on the menu--can it get better than that?? NO!

then we went to Cedars Sinai for JJ's appt where i am pretty sure Beyonce goes when she's sick. but ANYWAY, JJ's panc is doing great (YAY), still no alcohol or red meat, but the best news is that he is doing well. the doctor said JJ's problem is a combination of 3 factors: the Spink 1 gene + auto-immune thing + alcohol = bum pancreas. so i made a funny and said to JJ "so you're telling me i married a mutated gene basically???" the doctor laughed.

that night i had the biggest appetite of my life. JJ's mom made us mayonnaise and chese crusted halibut with asparagus and corn on the cob and salad and bread and of course wine. i got seconds of the fish and i had 2 corns on the cob. i also had 2 pieces of bread and 2.5 glasses of wine. and then i had a piece of chocolate cake for dessert. guess i was hungry...???

the next day JJ drove me to the airport to head to Seattle for LJ's shower/bachelorette round 2. . . .

but that's a whole separate post :)

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  1. Can that be why you were 10 lbs heavier than usual??


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