Tuesday, May 11, 2010

life of the semi-employed

so as you know, i quit RW. and to be honest, i am feeling quite lazy. for instance, i spend most mornings watching the Today Show and browsing facebook until i can convince myself to get out of bed and go to jazzercise. then i get home, shower (sometimes), make myself a sandwich, and settle into the couch to watch Ellen. then after, i do laundry, write, clean the litterbox, research jobs in CA, take Cleo for a walk, etc. etc. anything but spend money. and i'm doing quite a good job of it. also, Moon recently showed me a website where you can watch bootlegged movies (still in theaters) on the internet. pretty sure it's illegal, but i'm saving money. i also found 2 pottery barn giftcards left over from the wedding! so i bought us a new crisp, white monogrammed sheet set. (there's something about monogrammed things that just screams "LEGIT COUPLE" and i really love the way monograms make me feel like an upper-east side woman who shops at neiman marcus...even though i kept my last name so i have two last names. i will accept just the H instead of GH when it comes to monogrammed things)

anyway, all this lounging around and not working all the time has really made me feel lazy and worthless. i mean, right now, at 12:14 p.m., i am back into my pj bottoms and my cousin's old UW BASEBALL sweatshirt that he loaned me the night i slept on the couch in his frat house EWEWEWEWEWEWEW because my friends all suck and ditched me. they got to sleep in LJ's lux sorority house. anyway, so there you have it. my boring days. and i occasionally babysit the kiddies, but really i am such a loser. everyone else i know has a full-time job and full-time responsibilities. i feel like a teenager again with all the free time in the world, and with a babysitting job as a career. only instead of taking all my checks and cashing them to spend at Claire's Accessories, i am instead putting them into my bank account to pay JJ's student loans and my health insurance bill. SIGH. what a life.

but hey, let me tell you, my house is spotless and i am all caught up on every show i watch. also, i can feel my abs getting tighter. AND i've noticed that there's a bird who lives outside the family room window. maybe i'll try to feed and befriend him. but that's a task for a different day.


  1. let's clarify: we did not ditch you. brian carried you and decided not to complete the journey to LJ's house. what we did do was rob you to pay for the pizza. love you!

  2. hahahaha. That was a great night! Sorry if I didn't want your puke all over my room.

    totally agree on your monogramming philosophy! It's just so married.


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