Sunday, May 2, 2010

my weird things

i absolutely cannot stand it when JJ falls asleep before me. it annoys me to the fullest degree. like, what the hell am i supposed to do after you fall asleep?? then i get insomnia for like an hour and i just end up looking at, and building my online cart up to $500 only to sigh heavily and sadly as i am financially forced to remove everything from my online cart and finally go to sleep.

not tonight! tonight i decided to blog instead.

this blog is about some of my weird quirky things. here they are:



i put chapstick everywhere that hurts. i'm like the dad on 'my big fat greek wedding' with his windex. i have eczema in my ears so i soothe the irritation with chapstick. and when i have a cold and subsequently, a raw nose, i put chapstick there, too. so every time someone wants to borrow my chapstick they say "L, this isn't your nose/ear chapstick is it?" and i usually lie and say "of course not, go ahead and use it."

JJ/my mom/my dad/my sisters/my friends all hate this one. i absolutely cannot poop with the door shut. unless it's a case of public poop. then i shut the door out of consideration for others. i just hate the feeling of being trapped in there without fresh non-poop air.

watching other people brush their teeth makes me gag reallllly bad. it's because at winter camp one year our counselor made us do a skit where we all brushed our teeth on stage and (GAG) we all spit our foam (GAGAGAGAGGGG) in a cup and (GAG) she (GAG) DRANK IT (GAG x1 mill) it was the most disgusting thing i have ever witnessed and now i get abnormally squeamish around any other toothbrusher who is not myself.

earbuds are horrid. so so soooo horrid. they make my ears and head ache for days. any and all kinds. yes, even the ones that go all the way in your ears. so i have to wear these, and everyone loves to make fun of me when i wear them (except my sister MM. i bought her the same ones):

skullcandy rulz.

i never know what to do with my arms when i'm awkward. i always end up feeling like a teenage boy who doesn't know what to do with his rapidly growing limbs. i always end up folding them then thinking in my head "COME ON YOU AREN'T THE PINK PANTHER YOU DON'T LOOK COOL WITH YOUR ARMS FOLDED" then i instinctively touch my hair or reach for my phone or scratch my elbow or put my hand on my hip. and if i put my hand on my hip, we all know i end up looking like my bff:

it's easiest for me just to have pockets wherever i go:

would much rather look like a chic BCBG model.

now you know some of my weird things

and i'm glad you love me nonetheless


  1. i love this post. i do the same thing with that chap stick. its good on baby cheeks too, not the bum the face :)

  2. I love your poop one. haha.
    I hate when other people load the dishwasher. For some reason NO ONE can do it properly. & Despite their best intentions or efforts, I usually end up unloading what they have done & just reloading it myself. haha

  3. Hahaha! The grinch! So true. Love you and your weirdness!

  4. kelly i would probs put the chapstick on baby butt cheeks too. ha ha.

    sarah shut up--your dishwasher obsession is TOTALLY WEIRD

    mom don't rub in the grinch fact.


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