Wednesday, May 5, 2010

poor han$en$

we are poor. poor us. the combined income is what's keeping us alive. we couldn't even buy saltines or matches if we wanted to right now. Rah and Nebular are broke right now too, so that makes it easier. except that they are broke BECAUSE THEY ARE SAVING UP TO BUY A BOAT. WE ARE JUST POOR. GENERALLY. IN LIFE. so we decided we need to change things order to make this "tighten up the bootstraps and stretch the dollar" thing work.

cut out of our summer list:

1. no MLB package this summer.
2. Chanel starts her diet.
3. no more target/tj maxx fun runs (sob)
4. we gotta narrow the Sultan visits by about 8 each month. Cleo needs to man up and grow a pair.
5. no heat/AC.
6. no eating out. unless it's d'lish. or taco bell.
7. JJ packs a lunch to work from now on.
8. two words: boxed. wine.
9. no more shopping "even if it's a really really good deal"

things we will not sacrifice list:

1. netflix.
2. my roots.
3. wedding gifts for our friends.
4. new blush
5. my once annual trip to the best antique store ever in life in Westport, WA.
6. cheese
7. when Sex and the City 2 comes out
8. we need sonicare toothbrushes.
9. toilet paper. we will never make the 1-ply switch. never.

so as we collectively decided what we would save money on, JJ promptly and unfairly moved "target/tj maxx fun runs" to the cut out of our summer list. i mean, the way i see it, i already buy things on MEGA do i go lower than a $6.98 t-shirt?? he also started to fight me on the cheese, but we all know how that scenario usually ends.

anyway, we argued over the list for a little bit. then we finalized it. then i started to clean the room and hang up my clothes.

(see below)

yes. my pants ripped. in the butt. i mean. after i PROMISED that i would no longer be spending money at and more importantly, where and when did this happen? how long was i walking about town with my hanes hanging out? NOOOOO. my jeansssss. rippppped. innn. theeee. butttt. COME ON. irony is an evil warted wench.

so here i sit, all broken hearted and favorite pair of hudson jeans-less, wondering what i should do. the only logical answer is to come to terms with my loss and press on. and when we move to CA and JJ is making millions at his new job, i'm going to buy 2 new pairs of hudson jeans. and a marni bag also.


  1. welcome to my life. i literally never go shopping anymore and i gave my favorite pair of hudson's to my mom because they're too big. start clipping coupons and eating rice. packing a lunch really does save a lot of dolla$$$$

  2. I grocery shop at the 99 cent only store. they have some suprizingly good deals on produce & basically every item you need. except cheese & meat. then i go to the real store.

    Eat for 2 weeks on $30 or less in most cases. YES PLEASE!!

  3. Boxed wine! hahahaha.

    Being poor sucks. You can't cut cheese b/c what else would you eat!?!

    Does Spokane have fruit stands? Last summer I stocked up everytime I went home. $5 = 2 weeks of produce!!

  4. Wah, Wah, Wah! When we got married Papa made $222.07 a month and we had to scrabble around under the grandstand after ball games to get empty coke bottles to turn in so he could have his ice cream, and we drank powdered milk and I didn't get haircuts or color my hair or wear any makeup but lipstick. Our food budget was $50 a month and we never, ever ate out, but we did have lots of good friends and lots of fun. We drank Kool-aide when we got together!

  5. i hear you sister. my money is gone at about the 8th of every month...and i only get paid once a month. and i have nothing to show for it. balls, someday we will make it big...well you will:)

    until then chili, mac and cheese and quesadillas. literally lived off that shit in college. so cheap too.


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