Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wild Wild Westport II

i have got to stop giving my blog a 10 day hiatus between each post! my apologies!!!

here's where i left off:

JJ's birthday. he is officially obsessed with his laptop. he won't even let me use it. and if i do, he sits uncomfortably close to me, with his laserbeam eyes tracking my every move. so i just stick to my own laptop. she and i have been through it all together and i like her better anyway.

ok so the friday after JJ's birthday we (me, JJ, Rah, Nebular, Cleo, Benjamin Pierre and Francois) went to westport (a repeat tradition from last year). for those of you who don't know, westport is a very small beach town on the Washington coast. it's so much fun to visit and Rah's mom and grandma own a cute room in the chateau! tres chic!

so of course we had to go crabbing like we did last year. we went through the steps...you know, stab the metal stake through the dead fish's eye, attach to crab pot and toss in le ocean. wait and wait and eat salt water taffy and wait...then check the pot for possible dinner.

ONLY THIS TIME JJ tried to pull the crab pot out of the water and he just couldn't. it was too heavy. which excited us (i.e. LOTS OF CRAB) only then i saw an eerie shadow in the water...and i screamed because it was huge and there are tales of a great white shark who made it's way into the westport harbor and i'm like I'M NOT GETTING EATEN BY A SHARK TODAY MY FRIENDS, NOT TODAY. so Rah and i screamed, JJ dropped the pot and we backed away. and the shadow made its way to the surface....


it came up to the surface and Rah and i screamed again and then it turned over on it's back and clapped its arms/fins (??) together and made rude taunting noises at us.

and i mean that's FUDGING SCARY!!!!! A SEAL ALMOST ATE US.

(taken right before seal almost ate us)

then we went to a seafood mart and bought ourselves some nice crab. and cooked it up for dinner with baked potatoes and salad and bread.

Rah and i also took a bottle of wine and the pooches down to the beach and it was fabulous. that's all i ever needed in life. good (or bad) wine, a best friend, the beach, and some dogz. (see below)

we also went to The Best Antique Shop In The World. not going to tell you anything about it because it's our favorite secret place. anyway i ended up buying a vanity set for $80. and JJ got mad at me for a whole 3 hours because of the havoc i caused. you see, Nebular and JJ couldn't make the vanity fit into the back of the car and i was like SORRY I FOUND A GOOD DEAL GHODDDD. anyway, it was completely worth the 3 hours of JJ being a baby because i have wanted a vanity ever since....well forever. and it's my new sanctuary. LOOK AT MY NEW SANCTUARY:

(note the fresh peony in the vase. HOW PERF)

on the way home we stopped to eat at taco time which was completely the worst idea ever, but we had the best time!

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