Tuesday, June 22, 2010

C Conspiracy

as i threw the last of my belongings into my car to leave Selah for the weekend, i settled in nicely and pushed play on the book on CD that Rah let me borrow. i was very excited. i pulled out of my parents driveway and headed up the hill. then i slammed on the breaks. damn. forgot the C's food. so i retraced my steps back down to my parents house and left the car running to jolt inside to get their food, and hey why not, a diet coke. i yelled one more "LOVEYABYEEE" to a couple of my sisters and ran back outside to my car and yanked on the door handle. the door didn't budge and my body sprang backward. i titled my head and peered inside my car. Chanel was sitting on the middle console, swishing her tail and staring intently at me, a bit of mischief in her eyes, and Cleo was watching me, ears perked up and tongue hanging out, from her spot in the passenger seat.

no, could it be true?

oh, but of course.

the bitches locked me out.

i ran back inside and told my sisters who all died laughing. called my parents. laughter from both ends. called AAA. laughter from them as well. i said, "can you please hurry, it's a very hot day and i have 2 pets in the car," knowing full well that the air conditioning was on high. i facebooked while i waited, checking on the Cs every once in a while. they looked so satisfied in there, the cool air blowing their hair about. when the locksmith came he worked swiftly, to save the animals. when i opened the door, of course neither of them budged. why would they? it was like a perfect little oasis inside the car.

neither were allowed to sit on my lap on the car ride back to Spoke.

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