Tuesday, June 1, 2010

cleo and her new classy cage

i miss Cleo so much (and Chanel too i guess)

my parents have had the Cs since we went to LA for JJ's appointment. and Cleo is being kenneled (i hate the word "kennel" we should all call them doggie spa getaways or something) while we go on vacation (STARTING TMRW YESSSSS) while Chanel stays at my parents' house with the occasional feeding from the neighbor girl. so i haven't seen them in 2 weeks and it will be 1 week more! torture. i miss Cleo the most because she's a little fluffball of joy. Chanel is just grumpy and mean.

anyway, when we went to Westport i had to buy her a little cage kennel to sleep in, and she hates them. they scare her. she has anxiety and the last time i put her in one she threw up all over herself. grody.

so i went to petsmart and bought a new one. it was on sale for one day only! $30 marked down from $80. it's very chic, with a brown zebra print. and the top and bottoms zip off so you can fold it all up into a little carrying thing the size of a laptop case! or you can just zip off the bottom to make a little snuggly bed.

anyway, when we brought it home i put her right in and she was thrilled. i think it's because it was stylish. a girl after my own heart. who wants to hang out in a hideous, hard, cold metal and plastic gray crate? not Cleo. i was so excited that she was going to be OK sleeping in the new classy cage. and i was so thrilled that she would have a nice comfy place to sleep when she was at my parents' house/the doggie spa getaway.

well we got to Westport and the first night Cleo slept in her new classy cage. the next morning it was almost torn to shreds. she had clawed and bit the classy cage trying to get out. so annoying. because the damn thing was brand new.

so, we discovered this is the only way the spoiled brat will stay in the cage:

with the door open. which defeats the whole purpose of a cage.

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