Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i'm with the band

OHMYGOD forgot to tell this hilar story:

so when i left LA to go to Seattle for LJ's shower/bach round 2...i sat next to this guy. okay. so this guy had a graying beard and glasses and an ipad that kept slipping out of his hands and onto the airplane floor. and every time he would drop it i would be like YOINKS! because you know, it practically hurts your soul every time you drop your own phone or laptop or puppy or whatever, so i just felt bad because he had the worst butter-fingers ever in life.

and also he has the same heart tattoo as me except his is on his forearm.

so those were the 2 reasons i liked him.

then the drink lady came by and asked us what we wanted. i was like "cranberry juice" because i always get cranberry juice on the plane. which is so stupid. because if we were to crash, i would obviously get cranberry juice all over my outfit. and i don't want my last living moment to be miserable, covered in god damn cranberry juice.

anyway, the guy orders a double jack on the rocks. i mean, that was the perfect set-up for one of my world famous awkward comments, no? so i did a long whistle and said, "oh, heh heh heh startin' the party early, eh?" and i nudged him with my elbow. and he was like "oh yeah, would you like something stronger than cranberry juice? i'll buy you a drink" and i was like "uh, no thanks, i am going to a bachelorette party tomorrow night, gotta be on my best game, you know." then we went back to silence where he kept dropping his ipad and i pretended to read but really i was watching him struggle. then the drink lady came around again and he ordered yet another double jack on the rocks. i was quite impressed.

then when we landed he was like "yeah, you should check out my band" and i was like "what? what is it?" and he said, "minus the bear" and i was like "um...i'm sorry i only listen to country and select Britney Spears, i don't know your band." and i could tell his ego was crushed so i was like "what's your website, i'll check ya out" and i made the gun hand gesture, you know the one? and made a click noise pretended to shoot it at him. he said, "minusthebear.com" and i was like "oh wow! i'm surprised that domain name wasn't already taken heh heh," with a wink, and he laughed a little laugh. then we got off the plane and he said "nice to meet you" and i said the same thing and then we realized we were headed in the same direction so i was STILL WALKING NEXT TO HIM all the way to the exit and i just lose. i'm so weird. i just kept asking questions about his band. and like, i don't know shit about bands. i literally don't understand music unless it has a direct storyline. he kept answering me and he was really nice and i was just so stupid. then we parted ways. then LJ's car broke down. and he walked by AGAIN. and so i waved and rolled my eyes like "oh, not you again! ha ha ha"

anyway, i got home and looked up his band like i promised, and apparently they're like a cool band. people really like them and they're good.

so if you don't know them, you should check them out here

when you click on the link, you'll see a youtube video on the right where the band is dressed in rainbow colors, my friend is the one in blue on the far left.

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  1. omg SO many emo girls from my high school LOOOVE minus the bear. LOL. that's awesome!


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