Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LJ's nuptials

Fab5 at the rehearsal dinner FIESTA THEME!

walk this way

LJ and her posse

classic LG photo

the Fab5

the Mr. & Mrs.

anniversary dance with JJ Hubblestiltskins!

just really pretty

i went home to Selah for a wedding this weekend. and not just any wedding. but my good friend LJ's wedding! nine years in the making, so it was a glorious day!

pictures were wonderful, the ceremony beautiful, the bridesmaid dresses a bold and sassy color, the flowers fluffy, the people happy, the food scrumptious, the cake gorgeous, the groom handsome and the bride exquisite.

we had such a fun day, and it was so fun to see two people, who have been dating and who i've known since awkward adolescence, take part in such a mature and adult thing as MARRIAGE! in love for 9 years...that means something. an old comment came up this weekend...one i think was said by myself many years ago when LJ couldn't decide if she wanted to date her current husband or another dude. "who cares? we're 14. just pick one, it's not like you're going to marry the guy." HA!


1. fab5 laying in one bed together whilst basset hound Lucy tries to jump up and join in on the girl time.

2. groomsman who was punched. he fell to the ground, scraping his chin on the pavement.

3. groom was wrestling in the pool with his pals and got elbowed in the nose, causing it to bleed.

4. the MOB (or mother of the bride)

5. The Fart That Cleared The Dance Floor At Susie's.

6. the motorhome, with my mother behind the wheel, that drove us to and from the reception. champagne and cheese included!

7. the 2 girls with IBS having taco bell for lunch before the ceremony.

8. the groom's teary eyes when LJ walked down the aisle.

9. yelling "BIG TITTAYS" and making friends laugh.


exhausted and tipsy (minus JJ), me, KitKat and our dates were whisked away romantically in the motorhome. we got home and i stripped out of my dress, brushed my teeth...actually that was such a lie. i didn't brush my teeth...and ripped the bobbi pins out of my hair. i fell into bed. what a fun day!

the next morning as i was laying in bed, still a little hazy, filled with happiness and the promise of everlasting love, the joyfulness of the wedding still lingering throughout my heart, i suddenly heard a gagging and coughing sound. followed by an obvious release. and as i looked to see where the horrendous noises were coming from, there it was...my bridesmaid dress...covered in Chanel's barf.


ah, back to reality.

congrats LJ! i wish only the best for you and your new hubby :)


  1. Ahahaahahah!! First day back at work and of course catching up on your blog is on my agenda!

  2. Lacie...I am SO honored that I, the infamous MOB, was one highlight of the wedding weekend! Had fun with you...lots of love. The MOB


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