Wednesday, June 2, 2010

one car


nah, just kidding. JJ sold his truck (!!!) i know, just like that. he put it on craigslist (which i tried to talk him out of because of that girl who went for a babysitting job and got chopped up--i mean who wants to get chopped up? not a good way to go) and this Reverend of a Methodist church (who also had braces) just bought it. paid the full asking price. it was so easy.

and then it was gone.

JJ's last pic with his beloved truck. we had a lot of good times in that truck. sigh.

but then we were like OHMYGOD we only have one car. we are Americas, we need another! (bad joke) so we went to a honda dealership. and i'm like i don't want a honda i want a mercedes. and JJ called me a spoiled brat. rude.

so we get to honda. and the car salesman is EXACTLY like the stereotype. he is gross. he is greasy and has the worst skin i have ever seen in life, and his grammar was awful. i hate NOTHING MORE than bad grammar. "they don't got no deal like this downtown Mr. Hansen" and i'm like OHMYGOD GO BACK TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL YOU IDIOT. then he was breathing down JJ's neck and i'm like back off dude. and JJ asked him to give us a minute to discuss something and he disappears for like 10 minutes. he comes back in a fresh wave of cigarette smoke GUY YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME and then he wouldn't give JJ the deal he wanted so we hung our heads and left. and i had the worst wedgie ever in life when i stood up, but i held onto my dignity as i exited the honda dealership with a giant wad of cotton up my asshole.

then we went to Rah and Nebular's to complain about our terrible first car buying experience. and JJ made me wash my hands because we exchanged handshakes with the dirty car salesman.

and now we only have one car. and i hate nothing more than sharing. i HATE sharing. anything. i hate it. and i have to share my dear little volvo with JJ it's the most annoying thing ever.


  1. i hate sharing too. im territorial. sometimes i have to say "sarah stop it. you're being ridiculous and acting like a child. Share your cookies"

    (i never like to share cookies. I'm pretty sure i get a dear in headlights/how dare you ask me look on my face regrettably handing one over.)

  2. Volvo? C70? I thought you drove an Audi? What type of Honda does JJ want? Is he set on cutting the deal himself, or does he need Uncle E to get the job done under budget? No muss, no fuss. If you know what you want, don't need to drive it, then I'll take a stab at it without you telling me JJ's price. I bet I'll beat him by $500; most likely more! Aint that fantasic? I done it before. PS - buy buy Tudra. I'll miss the burbly exhaust note.


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