Tuesday, June 1, 2010

poop on my shirt

a couple weeks ago i was babysitting S and his two friends, W and D. well D had to go poop. and of course i had to wipe. the joy of my life. wiping 4-year-old poopy buttholes. and i was wearing a flowy-like top. and it wiggled it's way into the passageway between my hand holding the toilet paper and D's butt. so i got poop on my shirt (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) some kid's poop. on my shirt. so i went into M's room to find the biggest shirt i could (note: this is NOT the first time i've had to do this. once S puked on me when he had the flu and M was 2. i had to wear a size 2T tshirt that hardly even covered my nipples). so anyway i went to M's room and found her biggest t-shirt. wouldn't ya know it? it was tye-dyed and said "peace love and penguins" on the front. and i was wearing white pants. WHITE PANTS with a crop top is soooo out. like 1998 out. but what's a girl to do? wear a poop shirt or a tye-dye shirt that is 8 sizes too small? i'm going to make that this week's poll. you decide for yourself what you would do.

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