Friday, June 11, 2010

useless things

i feel like talking about myself so i stole this from Brandilyn, a 21-year-old gal who owns her own clothing boutique. crazy cool.

1. Favorite computer program: the internet duh that's where the online shopping happens!!!

2. Car you loved the most: my second car: purple jeep. it made me feel cool. my first car was horrid: giant grandma ford taurus, it's only redeeming factor was that the middle console in the front turned into a seat so the 3Ls (me, KitKat, LJ) could all ride shotgun. then the purple jeep, then a white jeep, and on my 21st bday i went back to my grandma-car roots and got a volvo. i do love my volvo, but the purple jeep was a blast!

3. Snack of choice while watching a movie: popcorn and reecees peecees (that's how i say it)

4. Best thing you ever wrote: 2009 Christmas letter. also a poem when i was 12 called "Mommies Aren't Monsters"

5. Your decorating style: shabby chic

6. Last book you read: "the girl with the dragon tattoo" YIKES IT'S SO EFFING SCARY and right now i'm almost finished with Russel Brand's memoir "my booky wook" and it's fantastic. he is an excellent writer and SO FUNNY

7. Last thing you regret eating: too much salsa verde

8. Exercise of choice: none. walking around target. ballet.

9. Code you live by: yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

10. Most attractive feature: gams.

11. Favorite cooking tool: the popcorn popper.

12. Essential beauty item: chanel powder, bumble and bumble styling lotion, baby powder for greasy roots.

13. I make a killer: grilled cheese sandwich.

14. Don’t ask me to: run.

15. Get out of my way when: i'm hungry and/or have had tequila.

16. Someday I will: write a book!

17. …was the best time of my life and I didn’t even know it: college. actually i knew it. but i didn't appreciate it enough.

1 comment:

  1. haha..walking around target. it's funny because every time i go to target i spend like 2 hours wandering around adding and subtracting stuff from my cart and when i get in the car afterwards....i really am sore. walking around target is most definitely a workout.


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