Monday, July 12, 2010

bitter antiquing

the place where i got my vanity is the best place in the whole world. all i ever wanted was everything in that store magically moved into my house. and i love old pieces of furniture. particularly old china hutches. among other things. we will be needing new furniture in our new place in CA, sooooo....i would love to have antiques rather than dark cherry wood new thing from furniture row outlet. do you know what i mean? anwyay, this wonderful said antique store is so far away from spoke though. but luckily Rah and Nebular's wedding (!!!), which is july 24 in olympa...which is quite close to the town where the store is...

so i hatched a plan. i was going to sweetly verrrry sweetly ask JJ if he would be interested in driving the 1.5 hours from olympia to the antique store on sunday morning after the wedding brunch. and i was going to make a lovely compromise.

JJ is always complaining about the shabby chic-ness of our home, but i always say TOO BAD DUDE. because i brought all the furniture here. all of it. most of our stuff is from my college apartment (jr. year) and my college house (sr. year) and mostly it's floral and fluffy and white and vintagy and girly. what did he bring to our first home together? WHAT DID HE BRING?? a california flag, a box spring and mattress and an office chair. like, no. NO. NOOOO EW like i'm going to let him hang the flag in my living room or put the office chair in my bedroom. seriously. ridiculous.

so anyway, since our apartment is rather feminine, my plan was to tell him we can get a brown leather couch for the "family room" in our new place, and i promise to gussy the room up with a (key word here) COMBINATION of masculine and feminine. still no CA flag sorry. but still. that is a wonderful compromise, don't you think? that was my plan. this is how it went:

L: "so on the sunday after Rah and Nebular's wedding, i was thinking you could be ever so sweet and do a lovely husbandly favor for your darling wife." (pause for effect)
JJ: "....go on..."
L: "well you see, it would be a wonderful compromise if you would agree to it..."
JJ: "what L?!?!"
L: "ok, so i was thinking we could take the nice short beautiful scenic drive to westport on sunday so we could go to my favorite place in the whole wide world besides disneyland, the GORG ant-------"

screw the compromise AND the dreadful brown leather couch, i'm getting all pink flower shit for the family room. and i'm taking my mom and my sisters to the antique store. and i'm going to max out hello kitty on ALL SHABBY CHIC THINGS. that's what he gets.


  1. Would you like the adorable loveseat in my bedroom -- it is yours --just kidding, got o wait until I die and Papa does too and you might be toothless by then! I do have an old mahogany drop front little desk I might part with for you. You can spy it in Papa's office when you are here. And I have some old undies you can have -- TARGET'S best about 10 years ago!

  2. Lacie.... go to Snohomish. Antique capital of Washington. (also my home town) You will LOVVVEEEEE Joyworks & the Cinnamon Stick. There is probably 800 antique stores on 1st street. and JJ will be fooled since you aren't in Westport :)

  3. Have you been to the lighthouse in Yak town? I don't know what their furniture selection is like but they have a ton of stuff!

  4. Hmmm, Lacie I think you should get quality new furniture, Just Saying. Emily


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