Thursday, July 29, 2010


when JJ and i got new phones we got new numbers as well. and i realized that Cleo's ID tag had my old number on it. EGADS! what if she ran away???? so i forced ol JJ into PetSmart to pick out Cleo a new tag and a new toy. she gets a new toy every time we go to PetSmart. she's spoiled.

anyway we get in line for the tag-making machine (WHICH, by the way, is incredible. that is the smartest machine i have ever encountered. it's intelligence level is somewhere between a popcorn machine and an ATM, it's unbelievable)...and there is a little girl and her mother in front of us. their cart is filled with pink puppy things. obviously the little girl got a new dog. so i said, "Hello! did you get a puppy?!?!" and her face lit up and she said, "YES!" and i said "OHMYGOSH! what's her name?!?!?" and she said, "Lacey"

i hate myself for making small talk with 9-year-olds at PetSmart. i mean COME ON.

so i said, "WOW! that's MY"

and then i must have gotten visibly disheartened because the mother ushered her daughter in the opposite direction and looked at me and said, "i'm sorry...."

well i'm not sorry. i'm NOT SORRY that your dog named "Lacey" will be the most amazing dog ever and that she will love mayonnaise and never ever pee on the carpet.

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