Friday, July 9, 2010

discover fraud

1. a secret target run
2. a night at the CDA resort for our 1 year anniversary
3. shoes from
4. 2 iphones

let me explain.

so the night at the resort we really wanted because that's where we got married and we wanted year 1 to be extra special. i booked it. $450. for one night. YIKES. OUCH.

well JJ's cell phone plan is up on July 17, the day before our anniversary. so we need a new plan anyway. i know i said i would never give in to the iphone and it's perfection, but seriously. i'm done being OK with my POS pink phone for tweens. i hate it. ohhh that felt good to type. and i got so jealous of everyone and their trendy iphones. so i decided to sign me and JJ up for at&t and the infamous iphone. make that iphone4. we will be the talk of the town with phones that cool! and JJ was a little fussy about it. so i got an idea and i said to JJ, "lets cancel the night at the resort and buy iphones instead! that way we save money and not feel guilty about all of it!" he agreed with me and said my idea was the coolest ever. so i canceled the resort reservations, but it takes 7-10 days for the refund to show up on your credit card statement.

the other two (i.e. secret target run and shoe purchase) i have no excuse for. just plain ol girly wants and needs!

well i got a call from discover card. asking about FRAUD. he called when JJ was standing right there listening. i already had to hide the target run from him because he said specifically that morning, "try to avoid your favorite places today, like Nordstrom Rack, Target and TJ Maxx OK?" and i agreed. only i went to the rack and target. 2 out of 3. BUT i had good excuses! i had to get S a watergun for his birthday and i had to get Rah a negligee for her lingerie party. you can't get those things just anywhere. and so the man says on the phone (LOUDLY. he like practically shouted it), "SO DID YOU SPEND $128.56 AT TARGET ON JUNE 29?" and i was like whispering, "yes" and he said, "AND DID YOU BOOK A NIGHT AT THE COEUR D'ALENE RESORT? AND DID YOU PURCHASE $406.76 WITH AT&T?" and i was like "YES" and finally he said, "AND DID YOU RECENTLY MAKE A PURCHASE WITH RUELALA.COM?" and i lost it and was "YES OKAY?? I'M GUIILTY. THERE IS NO FRAUD HERE GUY, JUST A GIRL WHO SPENT A TAD TOO MUCH. THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN GOODBYE."

JJ looked at me and i was like "who was that?" and i was like "oh nothing at all...just the credit card company asking about the iphones and the canceled hotel room."

but seriously. how embarrassing? a fraud man from discover called basically to confirm that i'm a shopaholic.

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