Tuesday, July 20, 2010

girl crush

obviously i have a girl crush on taylor swift. because she is sooooooo cool. and who doesn't love taylor swift?? WHO?!?!?!?!

and obviously all my female readers have at least one girl crush--and my male readers, don't lie!! you have one man crush as well.

ok so besides taylor, i also have one other girl crush. and i don't even know her name. and i'm so vain that i like her because i think she is like me. let me explain...

the girl is a waitress in a little restaurant in Spoke where JJ swears "they have the best crab eggs benedict in the world!" the first time he took me there i met her. i said, "i will have the mediterranean breakfast--no meat...and a diet coke. is it weird to order a diet coke at 8:30 in the morning?" and she smiled and me and said, "i just had a redbull, it's cool!" and laughed with me. i really appreciate it when a person of service is able to have a real actual conversation with me. it's so hard to come by these days!

she has short dark hair cut into an a-line bob with a little flip at the ends. she has friendly cat eyes and tattoos on her arm. she is petite and adorable. she is like a fairy for the dark side.

the second time i saw her, i dressed a little nicer so that she could see that i was a person of style and of her same general caliber. i was trying to be so cool. and then when JJ was sliding into the booth, he smashed his knee like an inconspicuous idiot. the girl came up to us and said, "did you just smash your knee? i smash my knee allll the time. and it sucks worse for me because i have to finish cleaning the table while you get to enjoy a delicious meal." HAH! i love her. isn't that a brilliantly awkward comment??!?!?!

so now i want us to be regulars at her restaurant which is fine with JJ obviously. she's so cute that you want to squeeze her and lie to her and say you have a pony at home and please can she come over to your house and ride it just because you want her to like you. you know??


  1. ok i'm commenting on all your posts, which is mostly weird because i don't even know you in real life but whatever, i'm a creepy blog stalker. but i wanted to tell you that i wanted to post an anonymous comment and be like, "I'M the waitress there! glad you like me!" or something awkward. but i'm leaving this comment instead so i'm a little lame.

  2. LOL SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! i would literally die of embarrassment if she ever read that blog!! ha ha ha


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