Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hankering for a pirate

i have been dying to get a pirate tattoo. i.e. a tattoo of a skull and crossbones. but everyone i love is telling me not to. i wanted it on the back of my neck and JJ said, "nothing screams minimum wage like a neck tattoo" then i wanted it on my wrist. and JJ still said "absolutely not" (i think that is his favorite thing to say to me) and i got really annoyed because i'm like YOU DON'T OWN ME, MALE. SHUT THE HELL UP I WILL GET A PIRATE TATTOO WHEREVERINWICH I PLEASE. then i got to thinking. maybe i really would hate a pirate tattoo when i'm an old sophisticated woman playing cricket at the country club in Prada head-to-toe. SO, i ordered THIS from etsy:

ISN'T IT THE COOLEST!?!?!?!? AND NOW I HAVE A PIRATE ON MY WRIST. eeee heeeeee!! and it's a nice temporary pirate. and it only cost $20.

but i'm so obsessed with it that i srsly want the pirate tattoo soooo bad now....oh ghoddd my life is SO HARD what ever shall i do??


  1. stick with the wristband. pirates are cool now. not when you're 80. but that's me. oh and i'm sure low would agree too:)

  2. Dearest Lacie.
    Yours truly has a skull & crossbones tattoo on her forearm. Its dainty & yellow and passers by cannot even see it. Only I know its there... and I LOVE IT! So obvi I would encourage you.
    Love Sarah.

  3. Yes Kari Low agrees. Tattoos are trashy 99.9 % of the time. Especially neck tattoos. BULGH.

  4. I say go for the wrist or hip or something...definitely not the neck..never the neck.

  5. Skull & crossbones might scare your kiddidles when they come. If you do it, put it someplace very hidden, like under your foot. Reminds me to get my foot tatoo fixed with more color and a leaf or two. Should I add in a teensy skull & crossbones? See how grandmotherly the S&C is? By the way, when I enter the word verification I feel like Sara Palin!


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