Monday, July 12, 2010

i want this

besides the pug: I NEEEEEEEED THIS

i am a writer. and a lover of words. and books. and literature. and therefore i need to start a collection of old books (and lovely couture coffee table books i.e. chanel. i reallllly want the chanel coffee table book. someone buy it for me pleaaaasee???). so starting now, pay attention, it's almost my birthday...starting now, i am collecting old books so that i can make a LOVELY COORDINATED RAINBOW OF BOOKS in my library. one day i am going to have a library. and no one is allowed in but william wordsworth's ghost. and it is going to be a perfect book rainbow room like this picture.


  1. 1. PLEASE tell me you've been to !! i feel like you would love it!

    2. i'll take the pig AND the library. gorgeous.

  2. You do know that is wallpaper, don't you?


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