Thursday, July 1, 2010

my july

it's july. and i feel like it belongs to me. because it kind of does. it's our 1-year anniversary this month!! and more importantly, my birthday month (JK...kind of) but i really think no one loves their birthday more than me. i make everyone do whatever i say because i'm the queen of the day. and the other morning was spent making my own party invitations (don't be offended if you don't get one i only sent like my family, fab5, moon and Rah) and they have a poem that i made up about myself along with a picture of me. ghoddd how much more vain can i possibly get??

i also went to jazzercise for the first time in like...forever with Rah. and the only reason i went is because i got new gear. i.e. new shorts and a new sports bra. and you know when you get new exercise gear you are just ITCHING to wear it and when you finally do, you feel extra cool and there is a little extra special kick in your step. and let me tell you something SO cool: the owner/main instructor Carol, asked me and Rah to become certified jazzercise instructors!!! hahahahha but seriously. i guess we are just THAT GOOD at it now. pat on back.

also, baby P tries to eat these plants that grow in their backyard that kind of look like berries and yesterday i caught her so i stuck my finger in her mouth to get the chewed up foliage out of there and she bit me. really hard. like i had a little red indent in my finger. and when i yelled, "YOUCH!" she smiled knowingly and purposefully at me. little shit.

peony season is almost over so every single time i pass costco, i go in and buy a bunch. i can't help myself. they are so delightful.

Cleo hasn't pooped/peed in the house once since my parents built the chickenwire fence around the MH. wonderful!

happy july tra la la !

ps who doesn't love a patriotic pin up girl???


  1. My birthday is my favorite day of the year also. I definitely am the boss on that day & its my excuse to be bratty if I so choose. I love it.



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