Tuesday, July 27, 2010

rah & nebular's wedding bonanza

what fun! i mean really, that's all i can say. these two have been together for 10 years..."a decade of excellence" as they refer to it...coincidentally that is gonzaga's coined term to describe the men's basketball team LOL.

everything was perfect. and soooo lovely!

top moments:

1. seeing Rah in her dress and yellow Louboutins.

2. being in Olympia.

3. the lighthouse bungalow where we stayed! ADOR!

4. PLou's pants that were literally 5 inches too short. the joke never got old. hahahahahahh PLou's pants. still laughing.

5. being in a wedding with JJ

6. waking up in the middle of the night before the wedding to Rah tenderly cupping my arm.

7. the cake.

8. watching Rah and Nebular float away into the night on a sailboat.

9. when Jenn went to taco bell at midnight and got 30 tacos. THIRTY!!!

10. THE PHOTOGRAPHER!!! was amazing.

low points:

1. spilled one whole beer on Min and San's bed.

2. ate a sandwich bigger than my body for lunch on the wedding day and come 11 p.m. ...was still full.

3. that last shot...bulghhhhh

4. Min throwing away her debit card and ID in the church garbage can.

5. the back room in the church smelling like fart.

6. when JJ elbowed me on the dance floor and i dropped my entire drink.

7. when i took off my spanx at the dinner table.

8. the photobooth moment when Jenn put the novelty beard in front of my crotch so it looked like i had a maddddd bush.

could go either top moment or low point:

1. desiree. the girl who was drunk at 7:30 and who asked PLou to dance, only to cut it short by slapping him in the face and flipping him off.

twas a magical day full of laughter and love. Rah & Nebular are two of our favorite spokies---not to mention friends. we wish them a lifetime of happiness together


Rehearsal Dinner. (Rah in coral)

Rah and her gals!

just sharing their first married cone!



  1. What a fantastic blog! Thanks for the sweetness! Please remind people that they don't have to wait for their wedding to have fabulous photos of themselves...
    xoxo so many times


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