Friday, July 9, 2010

stick shifting

i have this reccuring dream where i am like this crazy grand theft auto character who drives stick shift lamborghinis. and i'm in my dream livin' high and crazy driving the stick shift like a professional.

reality: my dad tried to teach me how to drive a stick shift when i was 16 in his old jeep. the steering wheel popped off while i was driving it and i killed it like 89 times.

when i was 18 i lied to my mom and told her i could drive a stick shift so she let me drive her cadillac and i killed it 7 times. whoopsies.

but i keep having the dream, being crazy and carefree as ever, driving stick shifts with all the power in the world. and i wake up and i literally feel like i can do it in real life. so i talked to JJ about it and i was like "i have something to tell you. something very serious and embarrassing and just plain horrible." he like panicked and was all "WHAT'S WRONG!??!" and i said, "i.....can't drive a stick shift." he laughed for days and was like "duh, i can't drive one either." and i was like "well i don't ever want to learn." and he said, "me either..." and we laughed for 3 straight minutes.

i just wanted to tell my readers that you can't count on me or JJ to save your life. if your head is like cut off hanging by one thread and you're like "you guys, just drive me to the hospital, here's my keys," and it's a stick shift, you better bet that your head is going to fall off because JJ and i won't be able to help.


  1. I can't either. Never even tried. But I DO live in a dream land that lets me think, if lives depended on it, I could do it. Kinda like moms lifting cars and stuff...

  2. smWHOOPS! Guess when you go to our condo made of stono in Hawaii you will have to rent your own car, 'cause ours is a stick! Unless you bring Meggie with you -- she's a stick girl!

  3. i can't drive a stick either. but i'm with sarah, i'd like to think it would all come back to me if i had to, but truth is i never had "it" to begin with.


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