Thursday, July 29, 2010

to miss Chanel or not to miss Chanel...

we brought the Cs to my parents for the weekend of Rah and Nebular's wedding. and my sister M was supposed to bring them to us in Ellensburg on our way back home.

well, we only got one C. just one.

M's exact words:

"sorry i'm late you guys, i was trying to get Chanel out from under mom and dad's bed...but she wouldn't come. i was even throwing bouncy balls and stuff and she didn't care. they would hit her in the face and she wouldn't even budge."


flash this afternoon when my parents got to Spoke to celebrate my mom's exact words:

"sorry we're late you guys, but we couldn't find Chanel anywhere, she must have been hiding."

i mean welllllllllll........i WILL say that it has been nice not having to clean the litterbox...

but how do you NOT miss this!?!?!?

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