Thursday, July 1, 2010

total eclipse of my heart

for most couples it's politics, religion, money, or even what to have for dinner on fridays....the one little argument that you just can't seem to push past. the one that keeps coming up over and over but is never quite resolved--and definitely not agreed upon. in our household that petty argument is about Whose Team Are You On?

and no it's not about sports.

COME ON PEOPLE. we are a twilight nation!


i am team edward. obviously. because after robert pattinson made his debut in harry potter as cedric diggory, my heart was aflutter. i loved him as cedric and i love him even better as edward. besides being completely and utterly sexy in every facet, edward is mature and makes rational, well thought-out decisions. jacob, while absurdly muscular for a boy his age, thinks only in an animalistic sense--using the primitive* and instinctual part of his brain to make irrational choices. i'd rather make out with a vampire and run the risk of his fang cutting my lip than kiss a guy who, in his wareworlf state, would probably attract the attention of my dog.

nevertheless. we all have our arguments...some don't appreciate edward's sparkling skin, and others disagree that he and bella were meant for each other. regardless, TONIGHT JJ AND I ARE GOING TO SEE ECLIPSE! and we are TOTALLY thrilled. we saw the first two together in the theaters (when we went to twilight, Cleo was just a baby brand new puppy so we snuck her in...we didn't want to leave her alone at home...aren't we weird??) and we are pumped to go to the third story in the saga together. JJ will be all pish posh twilight...and roll his eyes but really during the movies he is riveted...on the edge of his seat (quite a feat for Mr. ADD who can't sit through an episode of The Office to save his soul).

i even registered for an account on in order to reserve us 2 tickets for the 7:45 showing downtown, preluded by a dinner feast at taco bell. yesss!!

but the real hilarious part of all of this is JJ's (older but still young and beautiful sister) S sent him a text last night. it read, "2 glasses of wine, shirt with my boobs hanging out, ready to enjoy my young adult movie." to which he crumpled his face and said EWWW and to which i died laughing. she was at the late night showing of Eclipse! LAUGH OUT LOUD. she ditched her husband and kids for the night to twihard the night away. MY KIND OF GIRL! anyway, this morning JJ got a text that said "oops. that was supposed to go to L." anyway, she told me today that edward is literally so sexy it's hard to watch him on screen. i mean, dear LORD, what am i going to do? i hope JJ doesn't see me wooing over ol ed tonight! but seriously i. cannot. wait. i heard this one is the best of the series!

anyway, i'm off to have some wine before my date with edward--i mean JJ ;-)

*i consider myself to be a primitive type of person. and i have a unique obsession and fascination with wolves, which may be a integral part of why i am Team Edward. i guess what i am trying to say is that maybe, quite possibly, i am a tad bit jealous of jake's ability to transform into my favorite wildlife beast. HOWEVER, i still think edward is hotter. just wanted to clarify and be fair.

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  1. Team Edward. Something about being fated to someone in every sense of the word is exciting to me. Like no matter how hard you try, you can't leave them. But I do think Jacob is sexy and charming as hell. I love a boy who can make me laugh.


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