Tuesday, July 20, 2010

well well well...

look who joined 2007?!?! ME AND JJ FINALLY GOT IPHONES! AREN'T WE SO HIP?!?!? it was our anni gift to each other.

and we can't stop obsessing!!!

but i keep forgetting my new number so i have to ask JJ each time i text it to someone and he gets so annoyed and tells me "get smarter." he he he

also, on a side note, the other day he tried to pick up Chanel but she screamed at him and ran away. he pointed at her and said, "do not defy me Chanel, i will bake you in the crock pot."

whatever that means.

anyway...hey iphoners: what apps do i need in order to be tres cool??? help me!


  1. FB duh!, NY times, pandora, cocktail compass Spokane version?! yelp. (I would say 1 bus away but you don't rely on transit like myself).

  2. atomic fart, deer hunter, shot gun (i'm so white trash), yelp, shazam, sleep cycle alarm clock, calorie counter (it works, i have a collar bone now). and FB obvi!

  3. you are doing better then me man. I just got a blackberry hahaha.


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