Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Year One

happy 1 year anniversary to JJ and LG Hansen!! actually it was on sunday. here is what we did:

-we woke up.

-Moon called to sing "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU"

-i gave JJ a lovely smelly-breathed kiss


-we went to the gym (!!!!!!) where i eliptical-machined while watching cmt videos and he ran whilst listening to the expendables and watching the news.

-got home and showered

-i set out our outfits for dinner (he in a navy button down with his one pair of nice jeans that he hates but i force him to wear on occasion, his new stars and stripes socks i got him from urban, black dress shoes, a belt and and a fresh pair of undies...i in a FABULOUS zac posen for target party dress that is to die for, and black platform mary janes, presh pair of undies for me as well)

-we went golfing at the par 3 course near Rah and Nebular's house and JJ was quite impressed with my skills (i WAS on the golf team in high school you know, and i DID letter in the varsity sport, and YES my best score 156 was published in the yakima herald-republic) i realized that my favorite putter with the butterfly on it and my 9-iron are missing and that my 7-iron is quite as powerful as i had remembered. i love it when JJ is impressed with my hidden talents.

-we went to a movie. i wanted to see 'inception' but JJ insisted on 'grown-ups' because it was a shorter movie. it was a terrible movie. and we overdosed on chewy gobstoppers.

-in the car on the way home from the movie JJ said, "i think maybe your dress is a little fancy for where we are going tonight. the place i wanted to take you is closed on sundays, so i had to pick somewhere else." so i threw a miniature fit because i mean the party dress IS SO COOL. then i finally got over it and chose another dress that i totally forgot that i had even bought. and it was pretttty cute.

-so we are driving to dinner....and i still don't know where we are going because it's a surprise...and he pulls up to the place. and it was europa. and literally i have been to europa TWICE and both times i was wearing jeans and a tshirt. and BOTH TIMES i complained to JJ about how badly it sucked. i literally had nothing nice to say about europa. so of course i'm not EATING THERE ON OUR ANNIVERSARY I'D RATHER GO TO TACO BELL AND GET SOMETHING I LIKE. bsafdjjksffjdskljdfsljfkds so i said "NO WAY ABSOLUTELY NOT." and JJ got all embarrassed and felt bad that he had picked such a terrible restaurant then i felt bad for being a teensy bit of a brat. so i apologized and said "we can go anywhere you want" which he decided was spencers. GHOD. and i say "GHOD" because if we would have gone to spencers in the first place i could have worn my party dress. tough life. so i ordered the halibut and JJ ordered the steak and i also got a bowl of french onion soup MY FAVE and we shared a side of garlic mashed potatoes and i got the most DELISH glass of cab sav in my life. like not the $5.99 bottle on sale at Trading Co. and then we GOT A FREE MUD PIE BECAUSE IT WAS OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!

- we went home and pulled out the cake topper from our wedding and realized we couldn't eat it because it was frozen solid. and had like icicles on it because the box was slightly opened and it was freezer burned. we ate some of the sugar crystals but that was it. the cake is still in our fridge now. it's so pretty we don't want to throw it away, but we're probably not going to eat it either.

one whole year with my beloved zany husband. what a dream!

also, i asked JJ what his top married moment was in the past year and he said, "all the days i get to spend with L" it's not really a moment. but i let it count.


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