Saturday, August 7, 2010

antique store expedition

so the roadtrip i mentioned in the post below was a fun one! it was the one i talked about the antique store in Westport! our plan was to drive straight there form my parents' house, shop and head to Olympia to stay with Mimi & Papa for a night before heading back to Selah.

we had so much fun. my mom and i talked, MM was glued to her ipod for a while, and we played car games. we got to Westport and i couldn't remember how to get to the antique store, but i DID remember how to get to the adorable candy store! so we went in and got like 12 pounds of sea salt taffy, asked for directions to the antique store and went on our way. we arrived at the antique store......and. it. was. closed. CLOSED. AOIUFIOSUT()$WRU(#)QPRUOWIGEIOJF@)(RU#IOWEJFEOJAFDIJKLSFJLFSA_)@EPWOQKLF(&#*($&@($&. it's only open thursday-sunday. OMG. it was incredulous. we decided we would head to Olympia for the night and come back to Westport the next day. so we got back into the car and gorged ourselves with taffy. we had dinner with Mimi & Papa, Uncle S and the cousins Walk, Win & Noni. it was too much fun. i totally got the scoop on what iphone apps were cool from my younger and much more up-to-date cousins. i'm totally cool now.

we woke up the next morning and went shopping for about an hour, and i got totally cute things that my mom bought me! how nice of her. now that i'm a cut off married adult and everything :) thnx momz. i have the best momz ever. i love momz with a "z" on the end.

then we headed BACK OUT TO WESTPORT again. we had lunch and popped into the antique store. we found the BEST STUFF EVER. including an all-white china hutch. which i fell in LOVE with. except we figured out that it wouldn't fit in the truck we drove over in. TYPICAL. MY LUCK IS AWFUL. but in the end it was OK because i got great things! i got a really cool ol green and white coffee table, a little white chest and an old wooden blue-green square chest! i also got an irritatingly floral pink pillow for our couch just to remind JJ that i was still mad at him for not joining me on the trip.

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