Saturday, August 7, 2010


my boss and friend C and i were having a text conversation, in which she misspelled 2 words. she immediately corrected herself because she is an intelligent woman who doesn't spell things wrong. she suggested i write a blog about how Auto-Corrector is ruining our communication. which is VERY TRUE. for instance, if you have T9 text on your phone, i dare you to try and type my name "Lacie" i guarantee that T9 will predict "Labie" which is dangerously close to "Labia" which is not something i want or need in my life.

my point is, Auto-Corrector is an absolute ass. he is making us all look bad. especially with teens today, texting like mad 24/7. Auto-Corrector is going to allow them to make these mistakes, making our teens and society as a whole, dumber. For example:

common T9 mistakes include but are most definitely not limited to:
when trying to type... what you get...
cool book
lame jazz
if he
me of
home good

what words does Auto-Corrector ruin for you??


  1. my brother's name is brian, and one day in high school i texted my mom to say 'i'm picking up brian' and T9 corrected it to say 'i'm shaking up asians'

  2. ifuashahjhHAHAHAAHHAAHHAAHAHHAAH LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brandilyn, I don't even know who you are but I just could NOT stop laughing at your comment!!! Soooooooo funny!

  4. I agree... Shakin up asians... hahah so funny!
    Im gonna start throwing that out as the new cool saying. haha


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