Sunday, August 29, 2010

calling all geriatrics!

the other day i cleaned out the cupboard below the bathroom sink. this cupboard was the bane of my existence. it's so small i can't even fit my bottle of big sexy hairspray in there. SO, i cleaned it out. i cleaned and i cleaned to my little heart's desire. and it looks SO GOOD! and i found 4 packs of blonde bobbi pins that i thought i kept losing. also i found one of my favorite makeup bags. and the curling iron i thought i lost. so now i have two. oh yeah and i also found TABS OF POLIDENT OMGGGGG i died laughing.

and do you want to know the grossest part?? AN OLD MAN LIVED HERE BEFORE US. WHICH WAS TWO YEARS AGO. which is also why our shower is huge. which i'm not complaining about. it's huge because he was in a wheelchair. so they had to make the bathroom shower bigger for his chair.

so that god damn Polident has been hanging around in the bathroom cupboard for over two years. and our shower is wheelchair friendly. if you're a geriatric with dentures, our home is the place for you!

1 comment:

  1. FYI... if you were a young braces sporting lass like I was, Polident also works great for cleaning retainers.


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