Sunday, August 29, 2010


on Friday night Rah and i went on an impromptu girls' night away in Crescent Bar or CB. it's near the Gorge for you Washingtonians. and. O.M.G. IT WAS SOOOO FUN!!! Rah's cousin Sand and her husband have a house there and it's gorgeous. so Rah and i arrived earliest and we immediately made drinks and put on our bikinis to head out to the pool. we left because one of us had to make a doodie. we got back to the house and immediately found out that dumbass Rah brought the wrong keys. so we were locked out. OF COURSEEEEEEEE.

then Rah's cousins Sand & Min and another friend E came. and guess what?!?! i made DINNER FOR EVERYONE HOW GREAT AM I?!?! everyone loved the meal and was quite impressed. i made angel hair pasta with marinara sauce and we had red wine. and Rah made the best margaritas ever that doubled as hydrators BECAUSE SHE MADE THEM WITH GATORADE MIX HOW BRILL!!! then we gossiped and got dressed to go out and parrrtayyy! we ended up running into some total douches we went to college with but other than that OMG it was SO FUN. we seriously danced the whole night away and drank a million drinks. and at the end of the night i requested Shania Twain OBVIOUSLY and the DJ with 4 earrings in his nose and 2 in his eyebrow just glared at me. then i felt like a fool. because i requested Shania Twain and i was wearing cowboy boots. how predictable.

we got home and PTFO (me on the bathroom floor of course) and in the morning we took a stroll down to get some breakfast bagels and water/coffee. and we all laid around eating and reading garb magazines.

when it was time for me and Rah to leave :'-( we said our goodbyes and rode in the car miserably hungover back to Spoke. and i ate a whole bag of salt n vinegar chips and on our drive home Sand called and said, "L, you forgot your wallet..." SONOFAMOTHERFUDGER COME ONNNNNNN L, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!??!?!?!?!?!?! so now i am moneyless and ID-less...and i have never been more frustrated. and obviously i can't leave my house because you leave your house to spend money but i haven't any money to spend. sigh. JJ says it's really a good thing which made me want to punch him because i want to buy this adorable swimsuit on clearance RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT BUT I CAN'T. maybe i will steal JJ's credit card when he's showering and buy my swimsuit.

and also this poses another problem: i am supposed to go to dinner and wine with friends tomorrow. WELL GUESS WHAT I DON'T HAVE MY ID TO ALLOW ME TO DRINK WINE. so i'm going to be the idiot who brings her passport to dinner (in which i literally look like a big large WNBA player) in order to drink wine. i'm such a loser.

i left my heart and my wallet in CB.



  1. SO LOVE that you came and experienced (most) of the best and the worst of CB. It was legendary. xo love. (sending the wallet o/night- I know you're wallowing in self pity!) ;)

  2. WHAT A BOOB! Any chance you take after your Mimi? Love the Gatorade idea!


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