Sunday, August 29, 2010

college neighbors

so we have new neighbors. the couple with the loud child bought 4 acres of land to build on NO FAIR. so who moved in you asked?? 2 college student girls. and they always have people over for little parties and there are always sounds of happiness and beer-filled, youthful joy coming from their windows. so obviously JJ and i eavesdrop as much as we can because we think they're cooler than us.

well the other night i was yelling something weird to JJ like "OMG I GOTTA POOOOOOO!!!!!" and he got all embarrassed and was like, "shhh..." and i was like "what's your problem??" and he quietly and briskly walked through the house and shut the windows. i just stared at him. he was like "i didn't want the neighbors to hear you being weird"

OMG! like you seriously think they care about us enough to eavesdrop on us?!??!?! WE ARE SO BORING THEY DON'T CAREEEEE

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