Thursday, August 19, 2010

i'm hoppin this trend train

there is an uber cool girl i went to college with whose facebook is most fun to look at because she and her friends wear things like these:

OMFG I HAVE NEVER WANTED SOMETHING SO BAD IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE EVER. except world peace. and LV luggage. ohandonemorething: a Burberry harness for Cleo.

but seriously. how great are these?? they're called Spirit Hoods. they are popping up on fashion blogs and they are TOTALLY going to be THE IT THING this fall/winter. even Ke$ha has one.

need one. NOW.

want one too?? click here


  1. L- only you could pull this off. You and VS models. me, you ask? no- it would not be pretty.

  2. OOOOOOH I want one! But it would have to be white and I would have to get a really good facelift and butt-lift. But if you really love me, remember me at Christmas!


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