Monday, August 9, 2010

KFC wet wipes

while we were in Olympia shopping downtown, someone sideswiped my cousin's truck that we borrowed for the week. and didn't leave a note! but a nice man saw what happened and left his number on the windshield and got the license plate number of the hit-and-runner. i was appalled! i couldn't believe there were really hit-and-runners out there, how RUDE!

until i remembered....

back in the good ol' days of driving The Purple Bullet (i.e. blueish-purple ford taurus grandma car),

i would underestimate her size. she was a wide woman. she took up like the entire space in a target parking lot. well one time i gently swiped the car next to me whilst pulling out of said parking spot. damn! i panicked and really didn't know what to do. there was a small blueish-purple scratch on the other car! i didn't know what to do and i didn't want my parents to find out and kill me. so i racked my brains--and my car--and alas! one KFC wipe is what i found! one little measly KFC wet wipe. so i opened the package and scrubbed faithfully with all of my heart. and OMG IT WORKED. IT FUDGING WORKED YOU GUYS! the scratch disappeared!!! i spread the good news to all of my friends, and now i'm spreading it on to you--KFC wet wipes are like magic, carry one with you always. i ran into a pole at the gas station once in clear daylight and got a yellow scratch on my car...and wham! i KFC'd the shit out of it--good as new! it's a revelation!


  1. One time?! Pretty sure the kfc wipes were used on a regular basis.

  2. haha. i love the way they smell...


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